Laureates of the competition

We present the winning films of the International competition of the student short films "First". Who receives the Grand Prix or deserved the award in separate nomination and who gets the special prizes from the festival and it's partners. All this info you will know watching the closing ceremony, that will be posted at the website in some short time.

"MOWB" Kazuki Yuhara (Japan) 13:43

Kazuki Yuhara's film is a reflection of each of us. It is about love that moves the world since the beginning of time.

The children "are continuing" in their parents, and the parents will always live in them - MOWB tells about this exactly. About the endless, touching cycle of the most sincere, the strongest feelings in the world - about love in the family.

Animated work with a Beethoven soundtrack and without a single (!) word in just 13 minutes makes you think about the most important things. It  makes you call your loved ones, for no reason, simply because they are dear to you.

Kazuki Yuhara studies at the Department of Animation in Tokyo University, the Graduate School of Arts, Film and New Media.

"The Seagull" Manne Bagdasaryan, Аrarat Grigoryan (Armenia) 20:00

The graduation work based on a monologue from the play by A.P. Chekhov. Manne Bagdasaryan and Ararat Grigoryan are sure that everyone must stop and realize the destructiveness of his actions. People, lions, deer and other creatures can disappear in a second and the world will become empty. Our planet is beautiful, but we ​​need to protect it if we want the life to be continued.

Chekhov's monologue of Nina Zarechnaya will be supplemented by the story of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He tells about the Earth from the space.

The film received the Grand Prix of the XXIII International Environmental Television Festival "To Save and Preserve" (Khanty-Mansiysk, 2019)

Manne Bagdasaryan graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography in 2019.

“The Chronicles of Ray” Ekaterina Makarkina, Alexander Komarov (Novosibirsk, Russia) 16:31

In the film directed by Ekaterina Makarkina, the actor of the Novosibirsk Globus Theater Yevgeny Kalashnik talks about his life and work. He speaks about his role in staging the play based on  Ray Bradbury ‘s story "The Day After Tomorrow" and his beloved dog called Ray.

The film’s cameraman is Alexander Komarov, a student at the Humanitarian Institute of the Novosibirsk National Research State University.

The film became the winner of the student competition at the 22nd International Documentary Film Festival "Meetings in Siberia".

"The man who did not fly to space from the Izmailovskiy forest" Evgeniy Sharakshane (Moscow, Russia) 17:41

Some residents of Yuzhny Izmailovo district (Moscow) try to remember something about a person, who was probably trying to fly to space. But was he a real one person?

Evgeniy Sharakshane is a student of the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia n. a.Rodchenko.

“Space” Risa Okita (Japan) 2:01

The theme of the film is “The birth of the Universe”. Some say that before the Universe there were no time, no space, no energy. The author creates the image of macro space via the micro one – the process of the raindrops appearing.

The video consists of two parts: stillness (an image where the raindrops are formed) and motion (an image where the raindrops are actively moving). Three monitors of the same size represent the order and harmony of the Universe.

This video installation is a thesis work from Seian University of Art and Design.

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«Even Asteroids Are Not Alone» Jon Bjarki Magnusson (Germany) 17:11

Jon Magnusson's film deals with the legendary multiplayer online game EVE Online, which takes place in deep space. Its audience is more than 300,000 participants from all over the world, while at the same time the game can host 30 thousand people. EVE Online has been around for 17 years already. During this time, it has become a real cultural phenomenon. It is not a long period for the real world, but in the EVE universe, where people explore space every day and learn to create something together, these 17 years are the full time story. Magnusson's film is made as the confessions of the main characters - famous users of this space game - in love for each other and for their community. These feelings resonate in the viewer, who begins to feel like a member of a single team of a spaceship called Earth.

John (Jon) Bjarki Magnusson is a filmmaker and anthropologist with a background in journalism and poetry. He studied Literature at the University of Iceland and received his Master's degree in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Free University in Berlin in 2018. The short film on friendship in cyberspace was awarded by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) and the Marsh Short Film Award for Best Short Film on Social, Cultural and Biological Anthropology or Archeology.

"From a molder to a cosmonaut" Roman Fomenko (Saratov, Russia) 13:24

Memory is the only thing we have. The present is fleeting, the future is not written yet, and the past is everywhere; we can touch it. One of the most important milestones in our history is space exploration. Yuri Gagarin is our space discoverer. The author of the film and the head of the Public Yuri Gagarin Museum in Saratov are speculating not only on "what a guy he was", but also what a student of the Saratov industrial technical school he was, as well as how the high-class molder, Gagarin, suddenly and forever fell in love with the sky and first enthusiastically jumped with a parachute, and then jumped above all conquering the space.

“Born in 1986” Alexey Yakovlev (Moscow, Russia) 5:5

In 1977, NASA launched two twin probes to explore remote areas of the solar system. They were called "Voyager-1" and "Voyager-2". Each of them had a golden disc with a message to alien civilizations. In 1986 in the largest country in the world that no longer exists, the author of the film and his twin brother were born. «Voyagers» were still in the space. When the twins were learning to crawl, a snapshot of the Uranus atmosphere was taken. Communication with the «Voyagers» should be available until 2030; their flight may last thousands of years.

The film was made as a result of classes at the School of Visual Arts (workshop of Tatiana Danilyats).

"Escape" Ido Gotlib (Moscow, Russia) 08:46

"Escape" is the story of how the new technologies move us further into the twilight realm where imagination and media culture interfere and penetrate in each other. Modern technologies challenge the formal limitations of the body. They change our perception of the Other and link consciousness in the information flows. But the old ghosts of culture, with its dreams and desires, do not disappear anywhere. As a rule, they simply hide underground and there they gnaw their way to the psychological and mythological motivations of modern man. The story of these desires and impulses discovery, sometimes sublimated and sometimes just lurking inside us, makes Ido Gotlib's film  a compelling film work.

Ido Gottlieb is the student of VGIK (Russian State University of Cinematography). Workshop of A. Kott, V. Kott, A. Fenchenko, V. Fenchenko.

"Local Dreams" (Moscow, Russia) 1:30:36.

22 young authors werehttps creating this film. It is the first film project of the Moscow V-A-C fund.  It was made in cooperation with the Workshop of the collective cinema (the artistic director Andrey Silvestrov) as a part of the "Space expansion. From the centre" program. In the competition program of the Gagarin. doc festival  two film chapters from this film took part. But the whole project became the festival's laureate. Personal stories are built into the "shared dream" - the real and imaginary space of one of Moscow's districts.

About the Pro

"R.I.S.E Pathfinder" Chloe Dumoulin, Clementine Doudray, Alexandre Frutet, Megan Nuss, Gabriel Tomb (France) 9:10

In the 1970s one scientific group created a robot named Pathfinder. Its mission is to calculate the distance between the Earth and the end of the Universe. But the only thing he himself dreams of is to be close to people whom he will never be able to see.

The authors of the film are students of the "Ecole Georges Melies" Animation School.

«The Last Embrace» Saman Hosseinpour (Iran) 4:00

The film lasts only four minutes and during this short time the viewer lives in two worlds, plunging into the life of a little heroine. In the modern life there is not much difference between existing and non-existing. Every time we merge with communication devices either a drawing, or cassette recorder, or digital telephone. We reconstruct our "I" and its world, creating new opportunities and traps for our perception and life. In his film, Saman Hosseinpour sheds light on the spiritual roots of communication that go back in centuries. From the first drawings to tape recorders and social networks, every time our spirit finds itself in a new container, and every time it turns out to be an integral part of the message, which is called "life and death". Saman Hosseinpour studies at the Tehran University of Art.

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"The Quiet" Radheya Jegatheva (Australia) 10:00

In the animated short film directed by the Australian filmmaker Radheya Jegatheva, space silence becomes the starting point for reflections on the loneliness of a person in the world, on true and imaginary values, crime, repentance and self-destruction.

At the 2020th year edition of the Tsiolkovsky International Festival of Films and Programs about Space, the film received the special prize from ROSCOSMOS.

The film is the graduation work for the Bachelor Degree in Commerce and the Arts in the Curtin University in Western Australia.

“Ykasdahi” Gabriela Clar (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 07:35

An animated film based on the legends of the Navajo people. The Black God takes the blueprints and a bag with stars, and starts creating the constellations. The Coyote tries to stop him. The author uses only collage techniques and digital animation. She wants to tell a story that would be understandable without any words.

Gabriela Clar is an animation artist currently studying at the National Arts University specializing in visual arts.

«Digital revolution: instructions for use» 2020, Valeria Rizhenkova, Alexander Vetyshinskiy, Aleksey Salin, Polina Khazova; Designer Anastasia Gostenina (Moscow, Russia) 25:00 - 5 stories

A series of videos representing the educational project "Digital Revolution: Instructions for Use" (Moscow State University under the support of the Goethe Institute) are dedicated to the modern media space. Video announcements of the project's lectures in an interesting and dynamic form tell about various media phenomena. The viewer is invited to manage some analytical work in the “deep” layers of media theory, be acquainted with the history of video games and get an idea of ​​the strategies of Internet surfing. In the lectures’ video announcements, the authors convincingly demonstrate how modern media technologies are mixed with other times, other spaces and other paradigms. The project is made by simple but expressive means. It immerses the audience into the history of the interaction between technology and art, and reveals new perspectives and ways of reading it.

"Or UFO..?" Ararat Gulanyan Lao Yang (Moscow, Russia) 22:17

The third year student of the TV Department of VGIK (workshop of Y.M. Belenkiy and V.S.

Kalinin) Ararat Gulanyan (Lao Yang) in his study work "or UFO" talks about one of blank spots in modern science.