Watching sessions of the films included in the official programm of the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF THE STUDENT SHORT FILMS "PERVIY!" (FIRST) by the nominations:

"SPACE"(4-10th October), "EVENT" (18-24th October), "EUPHORIA OR IMAGINARY SPACE" (25-30th October), "DIGITAL" (31st October – 6th November)

"DIGITAL" (31st October – 6th November)

«Runaway» Anand Harnekar (India) 3:42.

Once in the ordinary day, a young man meets four surreal characters in his house. In the film, the author sets the question "Are we ever alone in this world?"

Anand Harnekar is a bachelor student, cinema is his passion. “Escape” is the author's second short film. It was made with no budget in just four hours.

«Fountain» Damoon Fahari (Iran) 14:58.

A teenager is locked in the toilet of a burning building. The phone can save his life, but he doesn't know exactly where he is.

In this student film, the camera work is successfully combined with animation elements.

«Modem» Izem Ishegul Topal (Тurkey) 5:00.

The film explores new behavioral patterns. The unnamed hero of the film tries to overcome his loneliness by observing other people in a virtual environment. A broken modem is enough for him to realize that there is actually no one beside him. But the modem is working again and he returns to his usual behavior. The sound in the film gradually turns from a whisper into a scream, but it cannot wake anyone up. All the dialogues in the film are taken from the books or plays. The author thinks this should remind us of what can really help to overcome loneliness.

Izem Ishegul Topal studies psychology at Okan University.

«Bibvio» Burak Demir (Turkey) 4:20.

The hero of this student film sees his friends constantly posting photos in social networks, how they drink coffee while working. One day, returning home, he made himself a cup of coffee and decided to share a photo. He takes a book from the library to take a photo of it with coffee, but at the moment of shooting the book disappears. He takes another one, makes a photo, it disappears again. He takes pictures of other books and they all disappear. Finally, he turns the phone to himself, makes selfie and disappears too.

«Kaleido» Miguel Ovalle (Columbia) 3:00.

"Kaleido" is an experimental work in which its author uses the principle of a kaleidoscope and combines landscapes and city panoramas to show the diversity of Colombian landscapes.

Miguel Ovalle is a student of the Academy of Film and Photography Zinko Zone of the Saban University.

«Forgotten town» Maksim Tatarintsev (Moscow, Russia). 02:34.

This film is a commercial for a non-existent travel agency, and the idea of a future open-air museum that the whole city can become, and a dream of a perfect tour around it.

The film was a diploma work at the "Design" faculty of the Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry n.a. S.G. Stroganov.

«Fidgitalizm» Olga Remneva, Anna Teplova, Irina Danilicheva, Yana Ross (Moscow, Russia) 4:09.

The film is a manifesto of the "Future World in an Alternative Reality", which is inhabited by people, cyborgs and robots, and where everyone is a techno-shaman of the digital environment.

The authors of the film - Laboratory "Culture of the Future" creative group.

«Reassembling Painting - Black Box» Jieyuan Huang (Germany) 4:14.

This project is the result of the artist’s experiments, in which he combines painting and computer technology. Deconstruction of digitized elements of traditional art and images taken from a modern visual context allows to create the virtual 3D spaces. They simulate the specifics of the artist's creative thinking.

In his works Jieyuan Huang combines such media as video, photography, painting and installation. The artist is currently studying at the Berlin Arts University (MFA).

«The Last Embrace» 2019, Saman Hosseinpour (Iran) 4:00.

The film lasts only four minutes and during this short time the viewer lives in two worlds, plunging into the life of a little heroine. In the modern life there is not much difference between existing and non-existing. Every time we merge with communication devices either a drawing, or cassette recorder, or digital telephone. We reconstruct our "I" and its world, creating new opportunities and traps for our perception and life. In his film, Saman Hosseinpour sheds light on the spiritual roots of communication that go back in centuries. From the first drawings to tape recorders and social networks, every time our spirit finds itself in a new container, and every time it turns out to be an integral part of the message, which is called "life and death". Saman Hosseinpour studies at the Tehran University of Art.

«Domesticated» Violeta Montoya (Avellande, Argentina) 10:27.

The short film attempts to question the control by the media and audiovisual production that generate and direct our desires and fears. With the same weapon, social media is promoting anesthetic stimulus such as “likes” or Instagram stories. How does the image overproduction affect our perception of the world? Is the visual information devaluated? How to live in a world with global digitalization and control?

Violeta Montoya is a 4th year student at the Avellaneda Institute of Cinematic Arts (IDAC) with a degree in Documentary Films.

«Joe» Calum Reeve (London, Great Britain) 01:38.

The film tells the robot-cleaner’s story and lasts only 1.5 minutes. The author succeeds in revealing the inner world of his hero and arouses audience’s sympathy.

Kalum Reeve is a student in Escape Studios (London) and studies visual effects. It is his first film.

«@Jesy_munh» Jose M. Lucero, Kote Ramirez (Santiago, Chile) 06:43.

A young man falls under the influence of a popular blogger and adopts her personality.

Kote Ramirez and José M. Lucero are the students at the Universidad del Desarrollo currently studying by the exchange in San Diego, USA.

«Even Asteroids Are Not Alone» 2019, Jon Bjarki Magnusson (Germany) 17:11.

Jon Magnusson's film deals with the legendary multiplayer online game EVE Online, which takes place in deep space. Its audience is more than 300,000 participants from all over the world, while at the same time the game can host 30 thousand people. EVE Online has been around for 17 years already. During this time, it has become a real cultural phenomenon. It is not a long period for the real world, but in the EVE universe, where people explore space every day and learn to create something together, these 17 years are the full time story. Magnusson's film is made as the confessions of the main characters - famous users of this space game - in love for each other and for their community. These feelings resonate in the viewer, who begins to feel like a member of a single team of a spaceship called Earth.

John (Jon) Bjarki Magnusson is a filmmaker and anthropologist with a background in journalism and poetry. He studied Literature at the University of Iceland and received his Master's degree in Visual and Media Anthropology from the Free University in Berlin in 2018. The short film on friendship in cyberspace was awarded by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) and the Marsh Short Film Award for Best Short Film on Social, Cultural and Biological Anthropology or Archeology.


(cinema fantasies, flight of imagination, experiments in the cinema language)

“Space” Risa Okita (Japan)

The theme of the film is “The birth of the Universe”. Some say that before the Universe there were no time, no space, no energy. The author creates the image of macro space via the micro one – the process of the raindrops appearing.

The video consists of two parts: stillness (an image where the raindrops are formed) and motion (an image where the raindrops are actively moving). Three monitors of the same size represent the order and harmony of the Universe.

This video installation is a thesis work from Seian University of Art and Design.

"Around the Sun" Julio Castro, Vlamir Cruz (Brazil) 12:00.

The increase in solar activity leads to the problem. Due to the electromagnetic interference, the production of electricity on the Earth becomes almost impossible, and all the electrical devices are now useless. An unknown inventor is working to overcome this problem.

The filmmakers are students of a cinematography course at the University of Potiguar (Natal, Rhode Island, Brazil).

"Snooze" Manaz Protim Ray (India) 10:41.

This fiction student film tells about the surreal journey of a young man who moves between two parallel universes in his dreams. But it can happen so that it is not a dream at all.

“Yikasdahi” Gabriela Clar (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 07:35.An animated film based on the legends of the Navajo people. The Black God takes the blueprints and a bag with stars, and starts creating the constellations. The Coyote tries to stop him. The author uses only collage techniques and digital animation. She wants to tell a story that would be understandable without any words.

Gabriela Clar is an animation artist currently studying at the National Arts University specializing in visual arts.

“To Steal the Moon” Shervin Kharaziyan (Tehran, Iran) 06:26.

Sometimes we feel lonely and this is the best time to dream about space.

The author of this film is a school student and this is his first film. He wants to become a director and is doing a lot for this right now.

“Why, oh, why, can’t I touch the sky?” Ava Shekladi (Bournemouth, UK) 01:22;

A starfish is wondering why isn’t she a star in the sky? The animation tells a story of her attempts to touch the sky.

Ava Shekladi is an Illustration and Animation Department student at the Arts University, Bournemouth, UK.

"Proxima b" Senka Pintaric (Croatia) 03:45.

This is the story of a recently discovered planet called Proxima b. The first traveler starts his journey towards it.

Senka Pintarich is an elementary school teacher, an animated film is made from the drawings of her students.

“The Adventure in Parallel Universes” by Evangeline Sarett (Novosibirsk, Russia) 02:31.

Two friends Max and Dan find themselves in different situations, both funny and creepy. Dan is a big skeptic and does not believe that the parallel Universes exists. But after such an adventure, his point of view may change.

The author of the cartoon is a school student, but her work has already won several competitions.

NOMINATION "EVENT" (18-24th October)

(unusual, bright moments, episodes, facts of life related to space)

«Born in 1986» Alexey Yakovlev (Moscow, Russia) 5:5;

In 1977, NASA launched two twin probes to explore remote areas of the solar system. They were called "Voyager-1" and "Voyager-2". Each of them had a golden disc with a message to alien civilizations. In 1986 in the largest country in the world that no longer exists, the author of the film and his twin brother were born. «Voyagers» were still in the space. When the twins were learning to crawl, a snapshot of the Uranus atmosphere was taken. Communication with the «Voyagers» should be available until 2030; their flight may last thousands of years.

The film was made as a result of classes at the School of Visual Arts (workshop of Tatiana Danilyats).

"A Perfect Day to look OKAY" Hanna Walty (France) 11:14.

1978. The plot is based on a story that takes place in Mantes-la-Jolie. Three years have passed since a successful deception related to the story of the heroes’ abduction by aliens. Francis, Philip, and Sam called a press conference to reveal the truth. However, there is a problem. Francis now believes that everything was real, and the aliens have returned. The topic of the film is a fine line between reality and illusion.

Hannah Walty got her Master’s Degree in Cinematography in 2019 (ESRA Paris, Département des Hautes Études Cinématographiques DHEC).

"The man who did not fly to space from the Izmailovskiy forest" Evgeniy Sharakshane (Moscow, Russia) 17:41

Some residents of Yuzhny Izmailovo district (Moscow) try to remember something about a person, who was probably trying to fly to space. But was he a real one person?

Evgeniy Sharakshane is a student of the Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia n. a. Rodchenko.

"Visitors at the door" Bugra Mert Alkayalar (Turkey) 27:36.

Are we alone in the Universe? This question has worried humanity for decades. Today people do not believe in the extraterrestrial life. Nevertheless, there are witnesses from different countries who have interesting experiences of contacting the UFO. This documentary deals with the stories of people from Turkey who had similar experiences.

Bugra Mert Alkayalar is a student at the Film and Television Department of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Anadolu University.

NOMINATION "MAN"(11-17th October)

 The competition program is continued by films-portraits. Their heroes are the discoverer of new technologies, popularizer of science and theatre actor. And one film deals with the autobiographical story about flights and cities.

“Tesla” Kamen Sway (USA) 10:00

 The hero of the film, Nikola Tesla, an electricity and mechanics engineer, receives a notification from his landlord. He must either pay or leave his room. He must manage to finish his greatest invention - the wireless transmission of free electricity, which can become the basis for a better future for the whole mankind. He is ready to sacrifice his own well-being.

The film was created in 2016 while the filmmaker was studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Film at the School of Entertainment Technology and Design at Miami-Dade College.

The film received awards for best directing from NATAS (National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences), for the best visual effects at the Flamingo Film Festival, and many others.

“The Chronicles of Ray” Ekaterina Makarkina, Alexander Komarov (Novosibirsk, Russia) 16:31

 In the film directed by Ekaterina Makarkina, the actor of the Novosibirsk Globus Theater Yevgeny Kalashnik talks about his life and work. He speaks about his role in staging the play based on  Ray Bradbury ‘s story "The Day After Tomorrow" and his beloved dog called Ray.

The film’s cameraman is Alexander Komarov, a student at the Humanitarian Institute of the Novosibirsk National Research State University.

The film became the winner of the student competition at the 22nd International Documentary Film Festival "Meetings in Siberia".

"Astronomy" Tamara Bogovac (Belgrade, Serbia) 03:07

Totomir Angelik is the host of the popular radio programs about astronomy science. Tamara Bogovac created an animated film dedicated to him. It is based on the audio materials from the Belgrade radio archive.

The film (part of the Radiovision project) is a graduate student work, which premiered at the BALKANIMA exhibition (2018). The author received an award from the SAE Institute.

"Flight mode" Ekaterina Ovchinnikova (Chelyabinsk, Russia) 12:32

 Today many of us have to live between several cities, spending many hours in flights. The images of different spaces overlap each other, their perception and self-identification become more and more complicated. However no one can escape the question "To leave or  to stay?". The autobiographical short film by Ekaterina Ovchinnikova is dedicated to the cities of Chelyabinsk and St. Petersburg, to something that unites them. She tries to explain why she loves each of them.

This is the graduation qualifying work at the Department of Film and TV Directing of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture. It is an example of an interesting combination of documentary and animation.

"From a molder to a cosmonaut" Roman Fomenko (Saratov, Russia) 13: 24.

Memory is the only thing we have. The present is fleeting, the future is not written yet, and the past is everywhere; we can touch it. One of the most important milestones in our history is space exploration. Yuri Gagarin is our space discoverer. The author of the film and the head of the Public Yuri Gagarin Museum in Saratov are speculating not only on "what a guy he was", but also what a student of the Saratov industrial technical school he was, as well as how the high-class molder, Gagarin, suddenly and forever fell in love with the sky and first enthusiastically jumped with a parachute, and then jumped above all conquering the space.


We start the open screenings of the competition works with the "SPACE" section.

The films in this section areunited by the space theme, which is used to speak about earthly problems.

"The Seagull" Manne Bagdasaryan, Аrarat Grigoryan (Armenia) 20:00

The graduation work based on a monologue from the play by A.P. Chekhov. Manne Bagdasaryan and Ararat Grigoryan are sure that everyone must stop and realize the destructiveness of his actions. People, lions, deer and other creatures can disappear in a second and the world will become empty. Our planet is beautiful, but we ​​need to protect it if we want the life to be continued.

Chekhov's monologue of Nina Zarechnaya will be supplemented by the story of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. He tells about the Earth from the space.

The film received the Grand Prix of the XXIII International Environmental Television Festival "To Save and Preserve" (Khanty-Mansiysk, 2019)

Manne Bagdasaryan graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography in 2019.

"The Quiet" Radheya Jegatheva (Australia) 10:00

In the animated short film directed by the Australian filmmaker Radheya Jegatheva, space silence becomes the starting point for reflections on the loneliness of a person in the world, on true and imaginary values, crime, repentance and self-destruction.

At the 2020th year edition of the Tsiolkovsky International Festival of Films and Programs about Space, the film received the special prize from ROSCOSMOS.

The film is the graduation work for the Bachelor Degree in Commerce and the Arts in the Curtin University in Western Australia.

"Human! Stop 1 minute" Eren Bektaş (Turkey) 03:30

Eren Bektas's animated work is also about destruction. A man, satisfying his insatiable instincts, has destroyed countless species of living beings and plants. When the Earth's resources are completely depleted, he begins to explore the new planets. There he brings only war, destruction and sufferings.

Eren Bektas is a student at the Department of Radio, Television and Film of the Konya Selcuk University.